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——————————— Wednesday 13, December 2017 ———————————
- - - ralphmcquarrie - retro - starwars - trailer -

2017 graduating classes of the DAVE School made a fake trailer of "The Star Wars" using art by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.

If you don't know why this is cool, then you are no Star Wars fan.

amia - argentina - hezbollah - iran - terrorism -

A brief reminder of what happened:

  • Under Iran's direction from the very top, the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah blew up the Jewish community center, killing 85 Argentine civilians.
  • Cristina Fernández de Kirschner's government covered it up.
  • Then, the prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered.

Finally, and only after President Macri took over, some amount of justice was served.

This in case you're trying to sort out who's who and who's fighting with who in the Syrian civil war.

parody - starwars - trailer -

This is awesome, a real Star Wars parody from 1978 that I had never heard about!